As accountants and advisors ourselves, we have a shared love of numbers. But sometimes it’s words and imagery that do the talking. We know you need to communicate the value of non-financial accounting to your clients.

Here you'll find a toolkit of assets, examples and templates exclusively for Sumday Partners. You can use these resources to help get your message across to clients, large and small.


Getting started.

Explaining the value of carbon accounting.
The elevator pitch

Sumday is a non-financial accounting platform that enables companies to measure and report on carbon emissions to an audit ready standard, efficiently.

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The detailed pitch.

You've got an opportunity to pitch the work - what do you say?

A more detailed example proposal with guidance notes - this can help you pitch for work where companies are requesting a carbon emissions assessment (or carbon footprint) and want support on next steps.


Detailed guides

Had the 'aha moment' but need help communicating carbon to clients? We've got you covered.

From information on the Sumday Academy through to email templates to help you convert, you can find all the help you'll need below.

Sumday Overview
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The Sumday Academy
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Sumday website guide
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Example proposal
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Social media guide
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Email templates - Introducing Carbon Accounting
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Supplier engagement guide
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Supplier engagement Email templates
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Carbon Accounting Readiness Assessment Guide
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Starting the conversation
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Carbon accounting data cheat sheet
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More than words.


Download a suite of images for proposals, your website or presentations.

Photos - Oscar Sloane
Sumday assets

Show current and potential customers that you are Sumday partner and a certified advisor.


Get extra help.

The how and why of carbon accounting.

Having trouble communicating why clients should embrace carbon accounting, or just need a second pair of eyes on a proposal? Fear not, we are here to help. Reach out the the Sumday design team and we'll lend a hand.

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